This vital industry needs to be protected so it can continue to benefit the economy.

The economic gravity of manufacturing in Australia

July 25, 2016

Manufacturing in Australia is experiencing a prolonged period of growth. As the sector becomes more vital to the economy, it needs to be protected. 

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Protect your SME with business insurance.

Protecting against cybercrime as an SME

August 31, 2015

Cybercrime now costs Australian businesses an annual $1 billion. Can your SME afford to be without the right business insurance plan in this day and age?

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An extreme solar storm could cause business insurance catastrophe.

Looming solar storm could cost trillions

August 25, 2015

Experts say there is a 12 per cent chance of a major solar storm occurring within the next 10 years, and it could cost $3.6 trillion.

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Are your overseas workers protected on your business insurance?

Expat insurance to help mobile workers

August 10, 2015

Insurer Beazley has created a new insurance product to help protect the significant number of Australian workers on assignment overseas.

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More manufacturers are investing money in new equipment.

Manufacturing industry confidence on the rise

June 26, 2015

Economic conditions appear to be improving for manufacturers in Australia. Could now be the time to review your business insurance needs?

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Manufacturers insurance should include statutory liability cover.

Does your manufacturing business have statutory liability cover?

June 18, 2015

Statutory liability cover protects businesses against the fines, penalties and legal costs associated with accidental breaches of the law.

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Insured businesses have been calculating the cost of repairs and downtime after recent disasters.

April and May disasters leave a $1.55 billion claims bill

June 16, 2015

More than 160,000 claims have been made on home and business insurance policies following fierce storms on the east coast and bushfires in SA.

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More small businesses will be able to save if the latest insurance industry statistics are anything to go by.

Business insurance premiums continue to fall

June 4, 2015

Business insurance premiums have fallen across a range of insurance products, thanks to a competitive Australian market, new reports show.

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Policyholders are finding it more stressful dealing with insurance brokers than before.

Calls to focus on customers as insurance claim stress rises

May 29, 2015

Research has found many policyholders find the insurance claims process just as stressful as the disaster itself. There are calls for more customer focus.

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Australia now ranks 14th on resilience to supply chain disruption to business.

Australia 14th in resilience to supply chain disruption survey

May 19, 2015

Due to droughts, extreme weather disasters and falling commodity prices, Australia has fallen out of the top ten on FM Global's Resilience Index.

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