In Peralta, New Mexico, you’ll find the Intractable Studies Institute.

Founded on June 5, 2013, the institute may be new, but its researchers already claim they have found ‘solutions’ to seven of the world’s biggest problems.

These are tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, forest fires, floating oil-platform fires, android-robot labour and world peace.

The ultimate goal of the institute is to create and publish solutions to 50 of the world’s “most intractably difficult challenges”. They make a point of releasing these solutions before they have been tested, and are sure to label them as ‘theoretical’.

They pride themselves on thinking outside of the box and creating highly innovative solutions as a result.

Patrick M Rael, director of the institute, said that the seven solutions already released will “lay the groundwork for a world where natural disasters are less tragic, people share their heavy work-load with robots, and world peace becomes inevitable”.

It’s hard to disagree with Mr Rael that the importance of these solutions is “self-evident”. All over the world, natural and man-made disasters cost billions of dollars and thousands of deaths.

So, we should all be grateful that his team of dedicated researchers have found these seven solutions – in less than two months, no less. They are all available as single-page PDF files from the Intractable Studies Institute’s website, and can be downloaded for free.

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