A new actor has finally been selected to replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who. The role of this iconic British character has gone to Peter Capaldi, USA Today announced this morning.

The Scottish actor is 55 years old and will be the twelfth man to fly the TARDIS (which, for the uninitiated, is Doctor Who’s time-travelling spaceship).

Change is definitely in the air for this ever-popular show, which has been gracing our TV screens sporadically since the 1960s. We are sure Mr Capaldi will be a welcome addition to the Doctor Who set and show.

If you have made or are planning to make an addition to your small or medium business, chances are it won’t be as highly publicised as this one. However, it may still make a significant impact on the day-to-day running of your company.

Whether you’re hiring one new employee or twelve, or your business is now offering different products and services, you’re altering the structure and make-up of your company.

And this means it may be time to alter your small business insurance policy accordingly.

At MGA Insurance, we can provide you with a brand-new policy if you don’t have one already, or help you review your old one when your business is going through a growth phase.

It is important to review your retail insurance policy regularly, but even more vital to do so when your company is going through some sort of change – large or small.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on July 29 that stated most businesses undergoing a period of expansion tend to forget the necessity of reviewing their insurance policy.

The article encourages business owners to talk their options through with an insurance broker, and consider opting for some form of “business pack” insurance that will cover all your bases.

MGA Insurance offers just such a pack – so contact us today and find out more!