When you’re pondering the impact a loss-causing event will have on your business, chances are you’re thinking about how it will affect your physical assets.

However, you should also spare a thought for the aspects of your business that you can’t see.

Will your company be able to stay afloat if and when its day-to-day processes are interrupted?

What if your business is out-of-action for a month? Or six months? Or a year?

How will you pay your staff, who may still be relying on you for their income, even though they are unable to perform their tasks as normal?

That’s where business interruption insurance can come in handy.

The purpose of business interruption cover is to ensure that the loss of profit your company experiences after a damage-causing incident doesn’t mean you have to shut your doors for good.

Basically, it will cover the costs associated with running a business that you are unable to handle yourself, due to normal work processes being temporarily interrupted.

Some business interruption insurance plans will cover you for other costs, such as finding an area in which to build your new premises.

It can also make sure you are able to provide your workers with their salary, and any bills you may have with third parties.

According to Dynamic Business, many SMEs in Australia don’t organise business interruption insurance – perhaps because they don’t know what it is, or don’t realise how risky not having this type of cover can be.

If you want more information about this type of cover, you may want to talk to the team at MGA Insurance Brokers.

We can offer you expert advice about your small business insurance options, and help you pick the policy that best suits your company’s needs.