The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), is investing more than $10 million in its barley-breeding program.

This funding will allow the University of Adelaide to improve the program, build on its strengths, and continue to create the disease-resistant, high-yielding and quality varieties of barley it has become famous for.

The announcement was made on August 19, and should be welcome news to Australia’s barley growers.

It has been over 40 years since the University of Adelaide launched “Clipper,” a wildly successful variety of barley, onto the market.

This multi-million dollar investment should ensure that its barley-breeding program is able to continue producing such high-quality varieties.

Waite Research Institute Director and Head of the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, Professor Mike Wilkinson said the University of Adelaide’s program is world-renowned, and will continue to lead the way as breeding technologies continue to advance and more research is undertaken.

The University of Adelaide has been working with the GRDC for the past 11 years, and its barley-breeding program is now the largest and, according to Professor Wilkinson, most successful in the entire country.

This new funding agreement “will help ensure continued delivery of high-performing barley varieties that offer even greater benefits for Australia’s barley growers,” announced Professor Wilkinson in an August 19 statement.

If you are currently growing barley, it’s more than likely you are nurturing a variety of barley that was created by this breeding program.

It is estimated around 50 per cent of the barley varieties that are being grown around the country started life at the University of Adelaide.

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