SME owners around the country may be interested to learn the results of ADT Security’s latest ‘Small Business Crime Index’.

Over 1,000 people, both employers and employees, participated in the survey and were asked a series of questions about security measures and perceptions in SMEs.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of employees said that they felt their employers could be doing more to make them feel safe at work.

They felt that there weren’t enough security measures in place to protect them from crimes such as robbery, shoplifting, break-ins and vandalism.

When asked what security measures they would like to see implemented in their workplace, 46 per cent revealed they would feel more safe if they were always working with at least one other person.

It’s no wonder that employees are feeling a little nervous about their security at work. It turns out that many of their employers haven’t given much thought to security measures at all.

In fact, a whopping 14 per cent of SME owners said that they had “no measures in place to help protect employees and reduce theft”.

“While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of crime, a comprehensive security plan that takes into consideration employee safety concerns can help reduce the risk,” said ADT Security’s Michael Bates in a September 9 statement.

“This is particularly important as small businesses, particularly those in the retail sector, often roster just one or two people on late night and early morning shifts to cut costs.”

Every SME should have a security plan in place, and this should include retail insurance or another type of cover that applies to your business.

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