A brand-new variety of barley has just been released, which should be of some interest to Western Australia’s crop farmers.

It’s called Litmus, and it was developed by Syngenta in association with InterGrain. David Moody, barley breeder from InterGrain, revealed in a September 12 statement that work began on Litmus in 2004.

The barley is acid-tolerant, which means it can grow in areas with highly acidic soil, and is made from a combination of three different breeds.

“It was selected not only for acid and aluminium soil tolerance but also for premium malt qualities, early maturity, strong straw strength and good grain plumpness,” announced Mr Moody.

He added that crop farmers with highly acidic soil have only been able to grow wheat in the past, as this generally has a “higher level of acid soil tolerance” than barley. Litmus is about to change all of that.

Richard Quinlan of Planfarm, who co-ordinated trials of Litmus back in 2011, said they showed “phenomenal yield improvements over other traditional barley varieties”.

He said that “growers facing serious resistance issues and problems with disease control should consider Litmus as an option”.

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