Queensland’s engineers are taking steps to be better prepared if and when devastating floods, like those experienced in 2011, impact the state again.

Two years ago, approximately 75 per cent of Queensland was affected by floods.

Dr Ben Taylor, Chair of the Engineers Australia Bundaberg Committee, says that flood analysis information and flood behaviour data was scarce at that time, and existing flood models techniques “were not complex enough to adequately simulate flooding situations”.

Since then, flood engineer Joanna Tinnion has been striving to create new-and-improved flood model techniques.

She presented a report on new innovations in this area at a conference held on Friday (October 18).

In particular, Ms Tinnion has been working on Australia’s largest flood hazard mapping study of the Condamine-Balonne catchment, which covers 128,300 square kilometres – or approximately 10 per cent of Queensland.

This area was badly affected by the floods in 2011.

Dr Taylor said that Ms Tinnion’s report, titled ‘New Era – Regional Flood Mapping’, fills knowledge gaps on flood data and “presents the benefits of catchment-scale modelling to improve emergency management procedures and regional land use”.

The information garnered from such flood models will help land planners, emergency services and engineers to prepare and respond to floods in a much more effective way.

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