SafeWork Australia has published its latest report, which contains some facts and figures about work-related injuries and deaths caused by falls.

The report shows that between June 2003 and 2011, a total of 232 employees were killed by a fall. That accounts for 11 per cent of all workplace deaths recorded during this eight-year period.

In addition to this, 7,730 claims for injuries were made between 2010 and 2011 alone. That equates to 21 workers a day over this 12-month period.

A further 6,900 employees were hospitalised between July 2006 and 2009 due to falls from a height. A shocking 28 per cent of these people were injured by falls from ladders, and 14 per cent were simply the result of workers tripping down stairs.

So, how does this relate to you?

If you’re a painter or decorator, you’re working in the industry with “the highest number of falls-related fatalities”, according to SafeWork Australia.

It’s important that minimising risk of accidents is at the front of your mind when operating at a height.

If you’re working on a ladder, always maintain three points of contact. You should only paint when you are facing the ladder, and there must only be one person on it at a time.

When painting or decorating the exterior of a house on scaffolding, make sure you have both feet planted on the deck and never stand on the handrail to gain extra height.

It’s also a good idea to organise painters and decorators insurance that contains personal accident and / or injury cover.

That way, if you are involved in an accident, you won’t have to worry about anything but getting better.

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