A FarmSafe Symposium was held on Friday, November 1 to mark the conclusion of Safe Work Australia Month.

A variety of guests attended the FarmSafe Symposium, including community groups, industry representatives and researchers from both Australia and New Zealand.

Safe Work Australia CEO Rex Hoy said it was a suitable end to the initiative, as the agriculture sector is one of the country’s most dangerous.

While just 2.7 per cent of Australia’s workforce operate in the industry, a whopping 17 per cent of all work-related deaths occur in the agriculture sector.

The majority of those deaths – almost three-quarters – result from accidents in vehicles such as tractors, utes, air crafts and quad bikes.

This final mode of transport is commonly used on farms and was a particular focus of this year’s event.

A group of speakers from the University of New South Wales presented their research on quad bikes at the FarmSafe Symposium.

They shed much-needed light on the stability of those currently on the market and the effectiveness of crush protection devices.

Mr Hoy announced that “improving farm safety and in particular quad bike safety requires a concerted effort from all parties”.

He urged those manufacturing such vehicles to work alongside the agriculture sector to protect Australia’s farmers and their families.

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