If you’re a business owner in Victoria, well done! Your state is home to the safest workplaces in the whole country.

That’s according to Safe Work Australia’s latest benchmarking survey, which looks at WHS schemes across the nation and determines which state or territory has the lowest rate of injury or disease claims per million hours worked.

Once again, its Victoria, with 5.5 claims per million hours worked. This is much lower than the country’s median rate of 7.2 claims.

Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips congratulated Victoria on its efforts, saying its business owners have “set the bar high” when it comes to WHS.

“Having the safest workplaces of any state in Australia is great news for Victoria, and it shows that employers and employees are continuing to strive to make safety their number one priority,” he said in a November 12 statement.

Victoria isn’t the only state where business owners should be giving themselves a pat on the back, though. Western Australia also demonstrated its commitment to WHS best practices with a rate of 6.9 claims per million hours worked.

However, South Australia (7.7), NSW (8), Queensland (8.8) and Tasmania (9.6), could all do more to mitigate risk of accidents in their workplaces.

There are a number of benefits associated with making WHS a priority. For example, Victoria’s business insurance premiums are currently the lowest in the country, saving its companies huge amounts of money.

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