It’s grain harvest season, which means the number of heavy vehicles and farm machinery on roads will increase significantly over the coming months.

That’s why the Centre for Road Safety is urging motorists in regional Australia to stay alert and keep safe while driving.

The grain industry is worth many billions of dollars to the Australian economy each year.

October marks the beginning of grain harvest season, and it will continue until early 2014.

Throughout this period, the roads will be more busy than usual as the grain is transported across the country.

Marg Prendergast, general manager of the Centre for Road Safety, said motorists and pedestrians “need to be aware of these changes to conditions, follow the road rules and take extra care”.

Remember, the vehicles used by farmers are normally larger and slower than other vehicles, so it’s important for motorists to be patient.

In addition to this, many of the state’s railway lines only “come to life” during this part of the year. So, motorists need to be particularly cautious around level crossings  – especially at intersections.

It’s also up to farmers to make sure they are safety-conscious when on the roads.

Ms Prendergast said all vehicles should use lights and signs to maximise visibility and minimise risk of accidents.

You may also want to consider crop insurance in case your grain is affected by a loss-causing event.

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