If you’re driving around the streets of Victoria, keep an eye out for 65 brand-new Fire Danger Rating signs. They’ve just been installed by the government and are the first of their kind in the country.

The first of the 57 signs, all of which are now fully operational, was unveiled by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Kim Wells, on Saturday, November 23.

He explained they show the daily Fire Danger Rating for the area in which they’re located and costed approximately $4.1 million to install.

The signs receive this information via the Country Fire Authority (CFA) website, which automatically updates them using an RSS feed and cutting-edge 3G technology.

There have been a number of expressions of interest in this technology from other states and territories in Australia as well as overseas, according to Mr Wells.

“The automated signs can also be updated with an alert message sent directly from the State Control Centre, meaning motorists will receive the most up-to-date information on changing conditions,” said Mr Wells.

There are already around 350 “static” Fire Danger Rating signs around the state, which are manually updated on a daily basis by CFA brigades during summer.

However, added Mr Wells, there’s more that needs to be done to make sure your business is protected if and when the risk of fire becomes severe.

“You need to plan your response to these ratings and discuss them … so you’re all clear on what your actions will be in these conditions,” he explained.

An important feature of this plan should be a business insurance policy with fire cover. While this can’t prevent a fire from occurring, it can help you recover from one more effectively and efficiently.

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