The aftermath of a natural disaster is often downplayed and forgotten in the days and weeks after a loss-causing incident has occurred.

However, for those affected by the weather event, cleanup and recovery can be an overwhelming experience that lasts for weeks, months or even years.

Additionally, the cost of recovery can often leave businesses and individuals struggling to stay afloat financially.

Insurance Council of Australia Chief Executive Officer Rob Whelan understands that the cleanup after a bushfire can cause “enormous emotional stress on families and communities”.

This is why he and business owners across Western Australia and Victoria are pleased with the decision from federal and state governments to provide extra assistance to property owners affected by recent bushfires.

“The decision by the Federal and WA Governments to allocate funds will speed up the cleanup process and help all those affected by the fires to move on and focus on rebuilding their lives,” Mr Whelan said in a January 16 media release.

In Victoria, the jointly funded Commonwealth-Victorian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements will offer funding to bushfire impacted property owners across the state.

“As Victorian communities start to recover from the devastating impact of these bushfires, the Commonwealth is committed to assisting in their recovery, and we will continue to work with the Victorian Government to ensure that assistance is available for those disaster-affected communities,” Attorney-General George Brandis said in a January 19 statement.

If you own a property or business in an area prone to bushfires, it is important to ensure you and your business are adequately prepared for natural disasters and other loss-causing weather events.

While it may not always be possible to focus on minimising risk of accidents caused by unpredictable weather, it is recommended to organise a business insurance policy.

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