In a country battered by extreme weather events, it can be easy to lose focus on the other risks faced by farmers across the country.

When you’re enacting risk management programs in order to protect your crops and business, it’s important to address even the uncommon hazards you could potentially face.

Fortunately, Cotton Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Adam Kay, has outlined the most significant challenges that could affect cotton growers during most stages of production.


There are a number of complex regulations and permit requirements that could be putting pressure on your farming business. If you fail to meet the legal requirements outlined by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, you could face significant fines.

This includes applying for permits, operating under national standards and reviewing procedures regularly to stay up to date on any significant and relevant changes to regulation.

Workplace health and safety

Safety is important in every industry but the risk of injury and accident increases in highly physical occupations, such as those performed on a farm. A business owner will also be held responsible not only for their workers but also for any family living at or visitors to the site.

While workers’ compensation is a legal requirement of all farm business owners, when an injury is sustained by a visitor or third party, it is important to ensure you have public liability cover as part of your farm insurance package.

Additionally, minimising risk of accidents occurring is a crucial step in protecting your farm from the financial loss incurred after an injury is sustained.

This includes actively engaging staff in occupational health and safety training, ensuring safety best practices are being followed at all times and identifying risks and developing strategies to minimise these hazards.

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