If you’ve recently started up a new company, it can be tempting to wear rose-tinted glasses, ignore risks and hope for a positive outcome.

Due to the huge amount of stress and responsibility involved in opening a new business, looking ahead and planning for the worst often takes a back seat in favour of enjoying present successes.

However, maintaining this attitude can lead to serious financial loss when small preventable issues become major problems for your business. When your company is still in the fledgling stages, any major loss can lead to a struggle to stay afloat and may even result in you having to close your doors for good.

This is why it is important to ensure you remain aware of the risks facing your business so you can adequately prepare for them. The key to surviving disaster is to have recovery plans in place to mitigate the loss your organisation could potentially experience.

Here are two strategies for minimising the impact of risk in your business.

1. Mitigate the risk

Mitigating risk in your workplace involves ensuring you hold sufficient contingency plans in case disaster strikes.

This includes taking out comprehensive business insurance to cover the cost of repairs and replacement, having access to a new premises should your current property become inhabitable or storing your important data and documents off site to protect them from fire, weather events and theft.

2. Prevent the risk

Installing security lights and high quality locks can help you prevent loss due to theft. Simple measures like this can help you to avoid the risks threatening your company altogether. Similar preventative measures include investing in fire alarms and improved protection against weather events such as hail and floods.

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