Heavy vehicle fleet managers and transport business owners will be required to retrofit electronic braking stability systems (EBS) on any trucks carrying dangerous materials before 2019, according to a March 12 report from The Age.

Following a number of high profile accidents, NSW Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes recommended in 2011 that tankers be fitted with EBS.

In January this year, the NSW Environment Protection Authority ruled in agreement with Ms Forbes in a move which is expected to influence similar rulings in other states and territories.

The addition of EBS in Victoria’s logging industry has proven to be crucial in decreasing rollover events. Before 2010, approximately 40 trucks would roll each year in Victoria’s logging industry, according to Minister for Roads Terry Mulder.

“The main cause of rollovers is due to logging trucks having a higher centre of gravity, combined with bad driver behaviour habits such as speed and uneven loads,” Mr Mulder explained in a March 3 media release.

Since the introduction of EBS systems, truck and trailer rollover has been virtually eliminated. This technology works by automatically applying the brakes when the sensors detect a trailer is no longer in a controlled situation.

“The success of this safety system is due to the technology taking control and reacting much faster than a driver could,” said Mr Mulder.

“In a move that highlights the excellent results of this technology, VicForests has now mandated EBS with stability control on all heavy vehicle combinations that are contracted to them – not just B-double trucks.”

Retrofitting an EBS system costs around $4,000 per trailer, which is significantly less than the costs incurred when a truck and trailer roll.

If you own and operate a heavy vehicle fleet in Australia, it is important to invest in any system that will help prevent accidents and injury. However, if and when an accident occurs, you will want to be protected.

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