Homeowners and landlords planning on making renovations and repairs to their property over the long Easter weekend have been urged to seek help from the professionals.

In particular, Electrical Safety Office Head Simon Blackwood warned bargain hunters considering taking electrical matters into their own hands that saving money isn’t “worth jeopardising their insurance policies and risking lives”.

“Many people like to catch up with repairs and maintenance during the first big break of the year,” he said in a March 14 media release.

“But even if you think you know what you are doing with DIY projects, never attempt to do your own electrical work – it’s dangerous, illegal and can be fatal.”

Mr Blackwood explained that hiring a trained and licenced electrician is the most effective step towards minimising risk of accidents. This is important for avoiding injuries and damage, as well as protecting any future claims on your home and contents insurance.

“Major damage to your home from an electrical fire is also a real risk with any unlicensed work, and may eventually lead to an insurer refusing a claim,” Mr Blackwood explained.

If an electrical fault caused damage in your home, an insurer will investigate any work performed on the relevant components around your property. If they find that illegal DIY work has been performed, your claim will be denied – leaving you significantly out of pocket.

Jobs unsuitable for unprofessional hands include installing or relocating power points, replacing light switches and switching a light fitting with a ceiling fan (or vice versa).

Homeowners and landlords are also reminded to avoid making repairs on appliances or equipment in the home. These items should instead be taken to a licenced electrician or authorised service agent.

Additionally, property owners planning work this Easter should ensure their home and contents insurance policies are up to date and advise their provider about any renovations or repairs they intend to perform.