A unique collection of web-based interactive maps have been released to the South Australian wine industry and general public.

These maps, hailed as a possibly world-leading initiative, allow those working or interested in the SA wine industry to access a wealth of important information regarding where every variety of grape is grown across the region.

The Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board of South Australia (PGIBSA) released the maps as a by-product of its pest control work. The PGIBSA is required to regularly collect detailed data from all vineyard owners and grapegrowers to prevent and manage outbreaks of diseases and pests that could negatively impact on the industry as a whole.

“This is highly valuable industry information, it’s definitely an Australian first and so far we’ve heard of nothing else like it in any other wine-producing country,” PGIBSA Chief Executive Officer Alan Nankivell said in a March 12 statement.

“Because you can see a state-wide snapshot, and drill down to individual regions or varieties, the maps are a great resource, not just for winemakers searching for tonnage but for industry strategists, investors, wine marketers and researchers.”

With immediate access to “real time” information regarding grape growth in SA, industry stakeholders can benefit from first-hand knowledge of production volumes, varietal spread and pest outbreaks.

This will help grapegrowers and winemakers accurately forecast and prepare the risks and opportunities facing their industry, such as over-supply and market gaps.

“A national database like this would be gold. It would enable the industry as a whole to monitor, forecast and plan for international competitive advantage,” Mr Nankivell explained.

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