When working as a painter or decorator in Australia, it is important to protect yourself and your organisation from the various risks that may arise during business undertakings.

However, understanding your business insurance requirements can be a complicated and confusing process, with a massive range of products available. Failing to complete the proper research could result in you paying for cover you don’t need or leave your business underinsured.

To help you understand the business insurance needs in the painting and decorating industry, we’ve outlined the most common forms of cover below.

Public liability insurance

As a painter or decorator, you work under a unique risk of damaging a customer’s property. When you or your business causes damage to a third-party or customer’s property, you will be liable to cover any repair or replacement costs.

Fortunately, public liability insurance can help cover this financial burden. Additionally, a tailored painters and decorators policy will include cover for overspray and use of heat guns as well as not being bound by any height restrictions.

Personal accident insurance

You are your business’s most valuable asset, so it is crucial you take care of yourself. Unfortunately, accidents and illness can occur and often mean you are unable to work for days or even weeks.

With personal accident insurance, you will continue to receive up to 100 per cent of your regular income to ensure regular payments and financial obligations can be managed.

Other insurance

Painters and decorators in Australia should also consider covering all other business assets under their insurance product. This includes any tools and equipment needed to complete the duties of your job, such as paint spray guns and business vehicles.

For more information on the types of insurance you may need, get in touch with the specialist team at MGA Insurance Brokers today.  We can offer insurance solutions tailored specifically for painters and decorators in Australia.