MGA have extensive experience in the field of aviation insurance, and are able to provide policies that cover a range of options. Thanks to the diverse range of aircraft, ensuring you have the right policy to cover your particular aircraft is key.

We have an extensive knowledge of underwriting, claims handling and dealing with insurance in the aviation industry. We understand that finding the most suitable insurance product for your aircraft can be challenging, so here are two areas that may impact the type of cover you need.

Types of aircraft

Ultralights, also called microlights, are the smallest type of plane available for purchase, and usually only seat a single pilot. As these planes are often used outside of main airfields and in rural areas, protecting against a number of damages is important.

Jet aircraft are often larger and more powerful than their prop-driven counterparts, and usually travel interstate or overseas. While the risks are lower for jet powered aircraft, insurance is still a vital consideration. Damage to a jet aircraft can be substantially more costly than prop-driven planes.

Areas requiring attention

Protecting the hull of the plane is often the most important, due to the risk of damage being higher than other components. Often, landing during rough weather can result in damage to the hull, impacting wings and fragile parts of the plane.

It’s also important to consider what the aircraft is used for, and the environment it commonly operates in. If you frequently take a plane with passengers into rural areas for sightseeing, it can be a good idea to take out a comprehensive insurance policy as part of a larger business insurance plan.

If you’d like to find out more or set up a comprehensive policy for your aircraft, contact the friendly team at MGA for expert information.

Sorting out a policy now can mean a substantially easier road to recovery after damage to your plane.