Australian agriculture forms a key part of Australian industry, supplying innumerable jobs, food and exports for the country. To protect against a number of threats that are applicable to this industry, farmers need to consider having a comprehensive insurance programme, encompassing a farm insurance policy package, as well as crop insurance.

Farming continues to grow in Australia, fuelled by both local and global demand. This is likely to continue in the near future, thanks to the necessity for the economy.

A comprehensive insurance policy that covers everything from machinery damage to livestock theft, and meets the requirements of a modern Australian farmer is needed.

In addition to the above, insurance is useful as a safeguard against freak weather. In the hotter seasons especially, a policy that covers against fire damage and tropical storms means protection is guaranteed year-round.

Farmers need to make a number of considerations when assessing the worth of an insurance policy, as it’s often easy to forget things which require cover. Fencing, buildings, machinery, livestock, working dogs, motor vehicles and personal accidents are all insurance classes available to farmers, to name a few.

Thankfully, MGA is able to render expert assistance when it comes to farm insurance. MGA’s brokers are working for their clients, being an advocate throughout the process to ensure covers are tailored to the clients needs. When it comes to claim time, payouts are maximised.

MGA has a reputation built on trust, by providing unbiased support and advice over many decades, helping farmers to obtain quotes for comparison, assessing more than just the price and looking at what’s covered within the policy. In such a complex industry, finding a cover that accounts for your particular situation is vital.