Winery owners can often struggle to find an insurance policy that fits their particular requirements, due to the specialised nature of the industry. Thankfully, MGA is equipped to provide a strong level of cover for vignerons, through to wineries and contract wine makers

The wine industry is at the mercy of a number of factors, as the process from growing the grapes, through to maturing and storage of wine, leaves a lot of room for disaster to strike. Weather conditions such as hail and frost through the growing stage and accidental damage, contamination or leakage in the winery can often cause substantial loss. Throughout the entire wine making process, having a comprehensive insurance programme is like working with a financial safety net.

As such, a policy that covers winery owners is needed, ensuring day-to-day operations can progress without the risk of financial damage due to impacts on winery operations.

MGA Insurance Brokers are able to provide South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) members with a market leading array of covers.

SAWIA members can benefit by insuring through MGA, saving in both premiums and having the benefit of a number of inclusions on top of the standard insurance packages. The addition of an Industrial Special Risks package can be extended to include covers for contamination, spoilage and leakage, museum stock, maturing stock, customer goods and stock.

MGA’s ability to render expert assistance on a wide range of insurance products allows the flexibility to obtain covers for various areas of a clients occupation, through a number of insurers. When it comes to winery insurance, MGA can offer market leading solutions.

As MGA are working for their clients, claim pay outs are always maximised, ensuring you get what your entitled to.

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