Those involved in the cleaning industry understand the stress of managing a number of contracts simultaneously, while also keeping track of product orders, staff and equipment while on a job.

Directors and officers liability, income loss, machinery breakdown and property damage are all risks facing those in the cleaning industry on a daily basis. These and numerous other factors can often cause trouble if uninsured.

For example, if goods – such as cleaning chemicals – are damaged by an accident whilst in transit, the cost of repair to the vehicle and replacement of the chemical can be beyond the means of an uninsured business.

Due to the number of areas of a typical business requiring cover, it’s important to seek advice from an independent source.

Common areas a cleaning company should look to cover are for machinery breakdown, income protection, motor vehicle cover, businesses interruption, property, electronic equipment and liability covers (public/products liability, management liability and possibly professional indemnity).

By taking the time to assess what needs to be covered, and subsequently taking out the appropriate level of cover, a business can feel confident that they will survive a major claim event.

Neglecting a proper insurance cover that includes all important areas can often lead to substantial financial set backs over the long term. If a building or vehicle were to be damaged, it could be months before a business is able to be return to normal operations.

The complexities involved with protecting a cleaning business become increasingly difficult, especially as a business expands.

At MGA Insurance Brokers, we understand that finding the right policy can be difficult. That’s why we’re fully prepared to help you find a policy that fits your particular needs. Talk to us today if you’d like to find out more about the covers available.