A new report has been released detailing the risks facing heavy vehicle drivers when it comes to collisions. The study, conducted by the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre, found sleep apnea to be extremely common among heavy vehicle drivers, but not a direct cause of crashes.

The study found driving at certain times of the day will increase the risk of crashing, with between midnight and 5:59am identified as the highest risk period. Driving for four hours without a break was also found to be a leading cause of accidents.

Curtin University Professor Lyn Meuleners explained how risk investigation was an absolute necessity.

“Surveys of long-distance heavy-vehicle drivers have found that excessive sleepiness is associated with overtime work, irregular schedules and a predominance of night-time driving,” she says.

“These situations expose drivers to prolonged periods of wakefulness, prolonged periods of driving and circadian [body clock] factors known to increase the propensity to sleep.

Heavy vehicle drivers are some of the most important assets to the Australian economy, ensuring freight is constantly kept moving around the country.

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