What defines a display property?

A display or show home is a property built to represent a final design of a house in a subdivision or community. It’s common to find display villages, including a variety of houses for buyers to choose from.

Property developers needs to ensure these homes are covered, as they’re at risk of the same dangers faced by standard houses. Often, the lack of a permanent resident can mean that the property is more likely to sustain vandalism or that damages may go unnoticed for longer periods of time.

Ensuring that there’s cover in place is essential.

What’s covered under a display property cover?

Finding the right policy can be difficult, especially for an area such as display homes. It’s important to take out cover that encompasses a number of areas.

Firstly, the building requires cover for the structure, as well as landlord fixtures and fittings. Cover is also needed for contents, both owned or on hire, as well as for glass breakage, both external windows and internal feature glass.

Cover for public liability for you as the property owner, is also a must.

As premiums are determined based on the level of security within the home, all appropriate alarm systems should be in place and operating.

A flood cover extension should be considered, even if the building is located in a one in one hundred year event location . A flood can substantially damage a property – especially if there’s carpet or floating floors installed.

Enlisting help

MGA Insurance Brokers have a wealth of experience finding covers for display homes and have the knowledge to help you set you up with the right policies.

If you’d like to get started with cover for your display property, contact the friendly team at MGA today. Taking out the right cover now could save you in the future.