The mining industry is one where accidents are fairly common place, due to the dangerous nature of equipment, processes and the locations where mining occurs.

It can often be easy to downplay the importance of good risk management, but in reality its one of the most important things a company should consider. Maintaining good risk management procedures, coupled with a quality Insurance programme, are the cornerstones of keeping any mining operation in business.

There are many examples of accidents causing death or injury in the mining sector over the past few years, here are just a few.

Glencore Copper Mine death

In June of this year, a man working in an underground copper mine in New South Wales was attempting to remove a piece of debris from a pipe, when he became trapped. He was later freed, but passed away before he could be revived.

Production was suspended while the investigation took place, potentially causing financial stress to mine operator Glencore and possible legal action against the directors of the company.

FMG Port Hedland injury

In 2011, a man lost both of this legs when he was caught between an indexer arm and a steel structure while attempting to remove a gearbox. The man was severely traumatised by the event, and as a result the mining service contracting companies, Inline Engineering Services and The Pilbara Infrastructure, may have charges brought against them.

Hunter Valley accident

In March of this year, a mining operator driving a light vehicle collided with a dump truck. The accident occurred due to very low-light conditions, after the operator drove through a give way sign. The vehicle was subsequently wedged underneath the axle of the dump truck.

When taking out a Management Liability policy, it’s important to consider one that protects against losses arising from actions taken against the operating company, as well as covering the individual directors of the business. Claims can also occur due to employee discrimination, wrongful dismissal and bullying – all of which have seen claim numbers on the rise.