The Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Review has now completed the first phase of development, following the publication of a new report designed to examine the current practices in heavy vehicle road worthiness across Australia.

This was announced by the National Transport Commission (NTC) and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on 14 July.

CEO of the NTC Paul Retter explained the benefits of the review, and the new report.

“This Phase One report outlines current practice for ensuring heavy vehicle roadworthiness in Australia. It’s essential to take this first step and get a clearer picture of how things are done now,” Mr Retter said.

He went on to detail how past Australian research has only focused on light vehicles, neglecting many of the issues found in trucks. For heavy vehicles, the issues are often substantially different.

Reviews such as this one will become especially useful over the next few years, especially as the freight industry continues to grow. With companies operating an increasing number of trucks, failing to pay attention to road worthiness could be dangerous.

Over time, the benefits of the review will be seen as the number of fatalities and serious injuries are brought down.

“It is important for every part of the heavy vehicle industry to help reduce the risk of crashes,” Mr Retter said.

“Extending the chain of responsibility laws to heavy vehicle roadworthiness could be one way to make drivers and our roads safer.”

Recently, a concrete pumping company was found to be neglecting servicing, and was forced to take trucks off the road as a result. The financial impacts here could be extremely damaging.

This review should serve as a reminder to businesses to begin assessing the roadworthiness of their cars and trucks, especially in order to keep them in line with the requirements of their business insurance.