Two concrete trucks have been taken off the road and the operating company is set to be audited following failure to properly service the vehicles.

WorkSafe ACT has issued prohibition notices to the concrete pumping company, which will effectively mean the vehicles cannot be used until a service has taken place.

“WorkSafe ACT inspectors will not hesitate to take action to put equipment like this out of service if the operators won’t comply with their obligations,” said head of WorkSafe ACT, Mark McCabe.

“Operators of plant and equipment need to realise the importance of complying with requirements regarding regular servicing of these vehicles.”

The audit isn’t just limited to this particular company, as WorkSafe ACT have also announced a plan to audit further companies in the Australian Capital Territory over the next few months.

Mr McCabe explained that the body is just now putting the finishing touches on the audit plan, and will begin investigating further companies in the near future.

“My advice to local firms is to get their house in order now. We would much prefer businesses to comply with their obligations rather than for our inspectors to have to put their trucks off the road,” Mr McCabe said.

Businesses need to be aware of the financial implications and time consumed in complying with these audits. Often, operations can be substantially impacted while the audit is taking place.

ACT is the foremost safety body in the Australian Capital Territory, having been in place since 2010 to replace ACT Workcover. As the head of WorkSafe ACT, Mark McCabe has the dual role of both Work Safety Commissioner for the ACT and Senior Director of WorkSafe ACT.

Safety will certainly become a paramount consideration for businesses over the next few years in the ACT with the increased focus from bodies like WorkSafe ACT.