There’s no denying the necessity of a strong and comprehensive insurance policy, but many businesses still neglect to take out proper levels of cover.

For plant and equipment operators, it’s vital that consideration is given to the array of equipment used on a regular basis. Insurance, whilst generally not compulsory, is an essential risk management tool, considering the likelihood of accidents and the impact any downtime may have on your business.

Some examples are:

The logging industry faces a substantial number of risks, especially given the range of equipment and vehicles that are commonly used during operations. That’s not to mention the danger that workers face, due to the nature of the work.

Below are some of the equipment commonly used in the logging industry that require an appropriate insurance cover.

  • Lifting equipment – For handling heavy logs and other materials, and loading them onto trucks
  • Logging machinery – For processing logs and felled trees, as required
  • Earth moving equipment – Clearing hillsides and preparing areas for replanting.

These types of equipment are commonly used in dangerous conditions, where damage can be a real likelihood on a daily basis.

The construction sector constantly faces the threat of equipment damage, especially when older buildings need to be torn down to make way for new developments.

Commonly, the industry uses a wide range of equipment to accomplish necessary tasks.

  • Trailers – For hauling materials to and from a work site
  • Dump trucks – Removing debris and other waste when it’s not required
  • Road making equipment – Handling the development of new infrastructure

While these types of equipment don’t necessarily operate on as hazardous terrain as the logging industry, there’s still a substantial degree of risk present on a regular basis.

Warehouses are often at risk of equipment damage due to collisions and operator failure. For example, a delivery truck backing into a materials rack or colliding with a wall.

Still, there are other types of equipment that require consideration, including:

  • Forklifts – Loading and unloading trucks
  • Scissor lift – General materials handling.

It’s important to consider not just general business insurance, but the other types of mobile equipment that require specialist cover in your organisation.