Finding the right business insurance to suit your company’s needs can be like trying to cross a road blindfolded. You take tentative steps at first, using every sense at your disposal to judge timing and strategy. In the end you may grow frustrated and go with the simpler options: jumping forward and likely causing some damage, or turning round and giving up.

It’s a complicated industry with many moving parts, so – much like stepping into a road blindfolded – it’s best to reach out for help. With that in mind, here are three things you may need to think about when considering your business insurance cover.

Business interruption

If your company premises or assets were stolen or damaged, having a plan to stay afloat is integral. In some cases, damage or loss can cripple business processes and the means by which you create an income. This doesn’t mean your outgoings will stop too.

For smaller businesses without a safety net of vast capital, or for businesses operating out of one fixed location, this can be critical. If this sounds like your organisation, business interruption insurance would be an important matter to consider.


Working with livestock or animals can throw up different challenges from regular businesses, and the risks involved are usually greater, particularly if your entire livelihood depends on these outcomes. Farmers insurance and crop insurance protects your enterprise from a range of mishaps, from fire to protecting personal contents, and from livestock to machinery cover.


If the employment of staff is integral to your business, it is important to look into the risks that can be associated. Protecting your company with employment practices liability can give a business owner some peace of mind that the company won’t flounder should staff problems arise.

As with any insurance, the devil is in the detail. Most will only find out that they are underinsured at the worst possible moment, so seeking professional and impartial advice before disaster hits is always a good strategy.

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