A recent Canadian scare story will be sure to raise a few hairs for any business or charity looking at holding an event.

A group of zombie enthusiasts in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, were left groaning after their planned charity event hit a snag in their insurance cover.

The team of undead participants were planning on gathering for a zombie walk in the city of Regina when they found out their event needed public liability insurance to cover any accidents that could occur.

The group needed a premium of $750 in local currency to cover the public event, leaving organisers scratching their heads as how to fund the gathering while still raising money for the Regina and District food bank.

This is a great example of why companies need to take a closer look at their needs when planning their business insurance package. Having a schedule for what you want to achieve in a period of time and matching this to your business needs negates the chance of being hit by surprise bills.

Night of the giving dead

Charities also can learn from our trans-Pacific neighbours on how to best protect their fundraising events from unsuspected charges.

The organisers of the Regina zombie walk were forced to resort to crowd-funding site Indiegogo to raise the premium and avoid charging participants to cover the cost.

Organiser Jessica Bickford told the press that covering the liability premium themselves would have undermined the event and would have likely ruined participation.

“The walk should be free to participate in for those who want to shamble and who may not be able to afford the price of a ticket,” she said in a report by Insurance Business Online. “On top of that, we want to make sure that everybody who comes brings a sizeable donation.”

Businesses and charities who are planning for a public event can find a package that suits them, while minimising the risk of accidents and avoiding the chance incurring any unsightly extra costs.

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