MGA Insurance Brokers have opened their 30th office across Australia, as they continue to expand their operations and provide a local and specialised service to all Australians.

The personal and business insurance specialists formed a joint venture with Sherbourne Insurance Brokers in Shepparton to improve the services they can provide in the area.

MGA’s presence in the state now stands at five regional Victoria offices and seven across the state, enabling them to provide a continuous local service that meets the needs of regional businesses.

Managing Director at MGA Paul George said this type of 50-50 partnership is a proven way of improving the development of both firms through continued growth.

He said: “We have used this structure before to help us expand and we know it works well for both parties.”

Specialist insurance for local business

By collaborating with Sherbourne, both insurance brokers will improve their knowledge and resources, offering clients more insight when it comes to deciding on their business insurance needs.

This joint venture is set to pay dividends to the MGA network, Mr George continued.

“MGA has a large regional and rural footprint across Australia with specific products aimed at farming and rural industry. Strategic acquisitions such as this help further strengthen our network,” he said.

“Shepparton is a strong regional centre with excellent growth potential, while Sherbourne is a well-established and mature business with excellent links to the region.”

Sherbourne Insurance Brokers bring 35 years’ worth of experience in rural, business, transport and earthmoving insurance, ideal for providing the best farmers insurance package or tailor-made advice for Victoria’s construction industry.

Director at Sherbourne Insurance Brokers Tim Loughran said MGA would bring important experience to their underwriting presence, training abilities and responsibilities to compliance by adding speed, knowledge and value to the industry.