Did you feel prepared for the massive shift in tone from school to work? Or did you feel the transition into working life could have been a little smoother?

The aim of the 1625 program in South Australia is to help young people take these first steps into the world of business with confident strides.

Graham Wakeling of the new initiative said the aim is to get 16-25 year olds in South Australia into their ideal jobs through networking and the sharing of information.

“A strong cultural divide exists between the education and business environments,” he explained.

“1625 has opened its doors with an online platform which provides freely-available resources and stories, targeted at current students and other young people who are not currently in the academic system.”

Mr Wakeling went on to say: “The core objective is to help young people understand entrepreneurship as a career choice and to help them uncover the differences between the job world and the non-job world.”

A future talent pool

MGA have decided to support the initiative by becoming sponsors of the program.

At MGA, we understand the huge talent market that is inherent in young people. The exciting and complex world of insurance brokerage needs knowledgeable young people to become the next generation of advisors for people unfamiliar with the insurance industry.

Mr Wakeling continued: “It’s time to better focus our efforts to break down barriers [and] build meaningful, sustainable and long-term partnerships.”

Young people who would like to know more about 1625 and take the challenge to improve their entrepreneurial skills can find more information at 1625.com.au.