How safe is your workforce? Every business owner and manager will be familiar with the question – they will quite rightly ask themselves the same one on a regular basis.

To help find the answer, October is officially Safe Work Australia Month, with last week’s launch shining the spotlight on occupational health and safety (OHS). The initiative aims to increase awareness and the resources available to employers and workers to help them minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Minister for Employment and Safety Ambassador Senator Eric Abetz launched the initiative on October 1, saying that although work-related fatalities have fallen by 40 per cent over the past decade there is still work to be done to improve further.

“Sadly, 191 people lost their lives in a work-related incident in 2013. While this is the lowest number on record, it’s still 191 too many,” he said in a government press release.

Minister Abetz said that Safe Work Australia is designed to help everyone improve their OHS standards.

“It’s important for all businesses – no matter their size – to effectively manage the health and safety of their workers,” he explained.

“Safe Work Australia Month [provides] individuals, businesses and the general community with a platform to start a conversation about work health and safety. Raising awareness of work health and safety will reduce injuries, increase productivity and may save a life.”

Health and safety planning

While improving health and safety awareness is a great and necessary cause, removing accidents completely from the workplace is impossible. That is why creating a complete business insurance package to protect an enterprise is so essential if the worst is to happen.

Some industries in particular will require extra care when finding a solution that works for them. Manufacturing insurance, for example, is just one tailor-made package that protects workers and employers from unsuspecting costs in the most unfortunate of circumstances.