A new sky-high initiative aims to provide a better and more accurate service for business insurance customers.

Following this month’s news that drones will be used in disaster areas to help survey damaged landscapes, archives of aerial images are also set to improve the speed and accuracy of insurance claims.

Insurance mapping products will offer insurers an eagle-eyed view of communities in an effort to keep insurance claim times low. In a report by Insurance & Risk Professional, the Head of Product at nearmap, Paul Peterson, said the regular mapping will help deliver a better, speedier and more accurate service for insurance customers.

“We capture images of populated areas over and over again. For a major city such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane we capture aerial photography eight to 10 times a year,” Mr Peterson explained.

“The imagery is immediately available and the product contains measuring tools as well as hundreds of overlays for data such as crime rates, house values, demographics, elevation, et cetera.”

This means if a farm is damaged by fire, looking back to the most recent aerial photographs of the land can determine whether crop insurance claims, for instance, are accurate. For the consumer, this means less investigation by insurance companies, with claim times expected to be reduced in the process.

When a business is damaged and unable to create a revenue, claimants will want to know that their business interruption insurance claim will be handled in a timely manner, allowing owners to reinvest and restart their enterprise as soon as possible.

The insurance industry is also able to prevent damage to businesses by assessing the aerial imagery. By studying the dangers of threats like adverse weather, insurers will be able to warn customers of any approaching risks that could affect or damage their business and result in a claim being made.