One of the most notable dangers for businesses can be the bushfire. Many of our areas are susceptible to them, and yet plenty of businesses remain un- or under-prepared.

Seasonal threats should be managed all year round, which is why it is important not to forget your business insurance when preparing for natural hazards – whether its fires, floods, storms or any other natural phenomenon.

Canberra is one of many areas getting ready for a long, hot summer with a new community awareness campaign announced this month.

In an ACT government media release, the capital’s Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell, said property owners should know what risks they and their businesses are facing going into the risky season.

Prepare your property

There are a number of measures a business owner can take in reducing the bushfire risk, according to the media release.

“Remove all combustible materials from your yard, keep your gutters, window eves and decks free of leaf matter and repair or replace missing or damaged roof tiles,” read some of the suggestions for limiting the damage of bushfires to property.

However, to ensure a business can recover from any damage, an insurance plan that incorporates business interruption cover will make sure that any disaster that may affect your organisation will not be terminal.

With the correct level of cover, property, goods and services can be insured against, meaning if the worst does happen, your business will be financially able to bounce back.

Know the area

The ACT government media release accentuates the need to prepare by finding out if you live or work in a danger zone.

“Check if your [home or business] is located in a bushfire prone area. Even if you don’t reside in a bushfire​-prone area, you may work or travel in high risk areas,” the release continued.

If you are unaware of the risks to your property, your insurance broker can help. MGA have local insurance professionals working across the country able to guide you, minimise risks and protect your business from the worst.

If your business requires protecting from bushfires, and you need helpful and honest advice, contact MGA today.