Property and vehicles can be two of the biggest capital investments a business ever makes. Both are essential to running most enterprises, and losing them can be a major hit to revenue and business continuity.

No matter what the size of your enterprise, it is important to secure your assets from theft. This was the warning given recently by the Royal Automobile Association – South Australia’s industry body for road users.

In a late October media release, the RAA explained that, although car thefts were declining across the Festival State, thieves are targeting property for keys at an increasing rate – and many are succeeding.

The RAA said as many as 4 in 10 cars are now stolen after the thief made his or her way into the occupant’s property to find the keys. Senior Manager Mobility and Automotive Policy Mark Borlace said this is a growing method of theft in order to bypass the improved vehicle security seen in many modern cars.

“Due to immobilisers making it harder to steal a car, thieves are now using different methods as vehicle keys are the only property stolen in 1 in 4 house break-ins,” Mr Borlace explained.

“These types of offenders are also becoming more brazen, entering premises they know are occupied and they are prepared to resort to, or threaten, violence to intimidate anyone at home.”

For companies with much to lose, this shows the importance of having a good business insurance policy, and working out the risks with your insurance broker.

Stolen and unrecovered vehicles are also likely to cause insurance premiums to rise, so prevention is still the best form of defence. Property owners should ensure their doors and windows are secure to minimise the threat of burglary and the financial implications it can have.