In the summer months, when the weather is generally temperate and outside activities are aplenty, many consider it a good time to add a new pet to their families.

Aussies are no doubt animal lovers. It has been reported that 39 per cent of households own a dog, and nearly a third (29 per cent) have a cat.

This places the pet industry in a good position. Dog groomers, walkers and breeders, for instance, can find their business prospects strong and growing. What’s more, as more people purchase animals in the summer period, it provides year-long opportunities to those who offer their services to pet owners. A dog is not just for Christmas, after all.

This also puts a greater emphasis on the need for pet industry insurance.

There are a number of financial risks for companies that take responsibility for someone’s pet. Property damage, theft and public liability are three of the most common, and will be unlikely to reduce in seriousness as more animals come into the business’s care.

Holidays a boom period 

Australians are also a nation of holiday lovers. Roy Morgan Research recently discovered that one in 20 Australians take at least five long holidays each year. Meanwhile, a tenth go on three to four extended vacations and more than a quarter have at least one get away in a 12-month period.

“When we ask Australians about their last long trip of three or more nights, their average trip length is around two weeks,” explained Angela Smith, group account director – consumer products at Roy Morgan Research.

“People going on five such trips would be spending around 20 per cent of their year on holidays – and that doesn’t even include short trips of one or two nights.”

For many in the pet industry, holiday periods mean more customers. Particularly for minders, sitters, kennels and catteries, this makes it a great time to discuss your company’s pet industry insurance requirements and how you are protected from the most common risks.

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