It will come as good news for the transport and logistics industry that fewer crashes are taking place on Australia’s roads. Within company fleets, not only is this helping to save the lives it also means less frequent claims on commercial motor insurance.

According to the National Truck Accident Research Centre, the number of serious truck crashes on Australian roads has tumbled by more than a third in recent years.

The report’s author Owen Driscoll said key decisions by road authorities and a greater awareness of risks among drivers have helped reduce accidents nationwide.

“In 2015, we have safer vehicles, safer speeds, safer roads and generally more responsible and safer behaviour,” he explained.

“Nonetheless, heavy vehicle crash accidents continue to occur, albeit with the number of people killed in Australia from crashes involving heavy vehicles over the past decade falling significantly.”

Speed and fatigue still an issue

To help encourage these statistics to fall even further, drivers, fleet managers and the insurance industry can work together to advise and educate on the greatest remaining risks.

For example, the report found that 27 per cent of all truck insurance claims made were due to speed. Meanwhile, fatigue-related crashes have risen to their highest point since 2007.

Drivers in Western Australia appear to be the most at risk from fatigue, with 30 per cent of crashes caused by driver tiredness.

The issue is no doubt a concern for businesses of all sizes, but it is small to medium-sized companies that are faring the worst. Around 38 per cent of all the survey’s demographic were smaller businesses, though they contributed to half of all claims.

The transport injury by its nature may not ever be 100 per cent safe, which is why it’s important to stay vigilant to the most pressing dangers and protected with a strong business insurance policy should the worst come to pass.