Australia is a nation of animal lovers. Don’t believe us? Look at the latest Roy Morgan survey into pet ownership Down Under.

While more than a third of Australian households (35 per cent) have a child under the age of 16 living in them, 50 per cent are home to at least one dog or cat. Dogs are more popular with the Aussie populace, with 38 per cent of homes cohabiting with a canine, while 23 per cent find companionship with a cat.

Tasmanians are some of the most common pet lovers, with 44 per cent owning a dog and 34 per cent a cat. Meanwhile, Western Australia and South Australia were second and third place respectively in the dog-ownership category, and SA and Victoria are the runners up for biggest cat lovers.

Obviously, someone has to look after these furry friends, and part of the responsibility often falls on Australia’s pet-care industry.

Over an average four weeks, one-fifth (20 per cent) of Australian dog owners and 14 per cent of cat owners pay for pet-care services, Roy Morgan’s in-depth research continued. Australian pet-care businesses are able to thrive from such animal attraction, providing they have the right business insurance protection in place.

From walking to grooming and kennels to catteries, there are risks and costs associated with looking after an animal, as Roy Morgan’s Industry Communications Director, Norman Morris explained.

“Ownership of cats and dogs has remained relatively stable in Australia over the last five years, with dogs the perennial favourite,” he began.

“Although the affection and companionship they give us is priceless, our pets do come at a cost: not only is there food to buy, but other pet supplies … as well as pet services such as veterinary treatment, dog walking, pet grooming and so on.”

Pet-care businesses of any size that are not protected financially from the risk of working every day with animals could find themselves in trouble.

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