Painters insurance is a specialist insurance product designed to offer protection to Australia’s tradespeople.

Last November, Westpac revealed home renovations had risen 147 per cent since 2010, indicating an increasing number of people are scouring the market for talented decorators.

Unfortunately, no matter how experienced you are as a painter, accidents can happen. Comprehensive painters insurance is therefore crucial to ensure your company is protected against various incidents.

Here are three of the most popular individual products available in our business insurance policies designed specifically for painters.

Personal accident

Construction is a dangerous industry and painters face a number of risks when performing their jobs. Whether it’s a fall from height, repetitive strain injuries from painting in awkward positions or various other hazards, time off work can have a devastating impact on your financial security.

Personal accident insurance can provide short- and medium-term coverage 365 days a year for any income you may lose due to an injury. Illnesses are also included.

Public liability

Accidents don’t just happen to you and your employees. Members of the public could get hurt or property may be damaged due to an incident related to your business.

Public liability insurance helps cover the reasonable costs of investigating and defending claims against your painting company, as well as any resulting compensation payouts.

General property

As a painter, you need an array of tools and equipment in order to do your job effectively. Our general property product enables you to make a claim for any items worth up to $2,000 without listing them, although you’ll need to provide a make, model and value for any tools exceeding this cost.

All we require is proof of your ownership of the item and a replacement quotation to proceed with your claim.

Would you like to learn more about our business insurance offerings for tradespeople? Please visit MGA’s dedicated painters insurance website.