Concerned about unfair dismissal claims?

Posted on September 28, 2015, 2:14 AM

An unfair dismissal claim can seriously damage a small business’ revenue and its reputation. While workers have the right to lodge these complaints, there are ways employers can protect their organisations from being at the wrong end of one. A[…]

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Under-insurance a risk for Australian property

Posted on September 18, 2015, 2:28 AM

A new global survey has revealed the impact that under-insurance has had worldwide. According to Swiss Re’s latest report, Underinsurance of Property Risks: Closing the Gap, the lack of property insurance is costing businesses and homeowners. Natural catastrophes cost US$1.3 trillion over[…]

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Which occupation is driving high injury rates due to falls?

Posted on September 15, 2015, 2:38 AM

Safe Work Australia has analysed an eight-year period to further understand which industry is driving the high levels of serious injuries from falls. The report highlights the vulnerability of the painting profession to this risk, and the importance of workplace safety.[…]

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More heat waves are causing problems for Australian farmers

Tasmanian farmers aim to beat the heat

Posted on September 14, 2015, 3:01 AM

Farming in Australia is rarely an easy task, though it can be an attractive and profitable one. IBISWorld values agribusiness as a $237 billion industry, with more than 160,000 businesses employing around 579,000 people. With compound annual revenue growth at 1.2 per[…]

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Cyclone damage in Queensland driving high insurance premiums

Posted on September 11, 2015, 3:08 AM

Large parts of Australia are vulnerable to tropical cyclones, and they have caused serious harm to people and businesses in the past. They also contribute to high insurance premiums in Queensland in particular. In order to tackle this issue, the[…]

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Disrupters forcing vehicle insurance to adapt

Posted on September 7, 2015, 3:15 AM

Disruption is what many businesses aim for – to shake up the game with a revolutionary product or service that changes everything in their industry. Uber is a commonly stated example, with the US-founded taxi application taking over the world, so[…]

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