The world of insurance products is far wider than many people think. In this second part of our business insurance series, we will take a look at other types of insurance that might surprise you.

Protecting you lawn bowl club

Lawn bowl club owner’s insurance can also offer peace of mind in the event of a fire, accidental or malicious damage, and storms and floods.

Lawn bowling has a strong history in Australia. According to Bowls Australia’s most recent Census Report, there were over 600,000 participants playing at nearly 2,000 clubs across Australia in 2014. Rolling a ball on the ground may seem like a rather risk-free activity, but there are a number of areas where lawn bowl club owners can benefit from business insurance.

In their fact sheet, Sports Medicine Australia notes that 20 per cent of people who go to an emergency department after a lawn bowling injury require further hospitalisation. Lawn bowl club owners insurance can provide liability cover in the case of accidents. A policy can also offer owners peace of mind in the event of a fire, accidental or malicious damage, and storms and floods.

Insurance for lawn bowl clubs can also cover inventory such as snacks and drinks. If there is a power failure and food goes off, good coverage can protect against the financial losses that would incur.

It’s also important to remember that clubs can have volunteer or paid workers. Management liability insurance and employment practises liability can protect a club from any employee-related incidents that may arise.

Wine producers and grape growers must consider their business insurance needs.

Insuring a good harvest for the wine industry

According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine’s 2015 report, Australia is one of the world’s leading producers of wine with 12 million hectolitres for the year. As the backbone of Australia’s wine industry, it is vital for wine producers and grape growers to have thorough coverage that protects against the financial pitfalls of contamination, spillage, recalls and other risks.

Grape growers can also insure their grape crop against fire, hail and frost events. In light of this summer’s bushfires and hailstorms, it is a good time for SME owners in the wine industry to safeguard their businesses.

Lawn bowl club owners, wine producers and grape growers, and other SME owners can all benefit from insurance advice custom tailored to their needs. If you want to make sure you have the right business insurance for your needs, contact a broker at MGA Insurance today.