With all the flexibility that it offers, there’s no wondering why many people want to be their own boss with a new startup. As of 2013, nearly one million Australians aged 15 and over were independent contractors, approximately 9 per cent of the workforce. When joining the ranks of the self-employed, it is important to make sure that you have the right business insurance for your venture.

Entrepreneurs can be successful with a lawn care and mowing business of any size, from a teenager mowing lawns in his or her neighbourhood to a startup landscaping company. Since no special certifications are required, this type of business can be started by anyone with drive and diligence.

Coverage for accidents and injuries

Eleven per cent of all work-related traumatic amputations from 2002-2004 were the result of a lawnmower.

Given the nature of landscaping, it is imperative that owners obtain adequate coverage for lawn care workers. Lawn mowers work almost entirely on other people’s property, and must make sure that they are insured against injuries, accidents or damages that could occur.

Though they are a common household tool, lawn mowers can be incredibly dangerous to work with. According to Safe Work Australia’s report Work-Related Hand and Wrist Injuries in Australia, lawn mowers and other powered home machinery were responsible for 11 per cent of all work-related traumatic amputations and were one of the top three causes of thumb amputation from 2002-2004. Lawn mowing businesses need to be covered for these and other accidents, no matter how big or small they are.

Business insurance can protect against expensive equipment damages.

Protecting your business assets

One of the most important areas a lawn mower’s business insurance should cover is equipment. While a landscaper might only start with one lawn mower, that is still a costly investment that must be protected. Since the business cannot operate without the proper equipment, any damages could lead to a drastic financial loss. The risk goes up for larger landscaping companies, which will rely on higher amounts and more types of mechanical supplies.

Mobility is a key strategy for lawn mowers; drawing higher revenue depends on the ability to reach a wider customer base. Having a vehicle for transportation can help business owners cover a larger area, but it also opens them up to more risk. No matter how safely you drive, there is always the possibility of an accident. Even if they’re not at fault, landscapers could see their business take an expensive sabbatical as they wait for repairs to their vehicle or equipment.

If you are thinking about starting a lawn mowing business, no matter what size, contact a broker at MGA to discuss your business insurance needs today.