Farming is a important industry in Australia, with data from the Australian government revealing that around 66 per of Australian land is being harnessed for farms, with most of that used for grazing. With such an expanse of countryside in use there can be a risk of incidents like livestock escape, so it is essential for land owners to have farmers insurance to help protect their livelihood.

Luckily, the development of technology like unmanned aerial vehicles (also know as UAVs or drones), gives farmers vital new tools for managing and overseeing their livestock, which can help prevents incidents from happening.

Drone capabilities allow for more effective management of livestock.


Using a drone is one option for overseeing a farm.

Drones giving farmers a birds-eye view of their stock

Drones are now being used in farms around Australia, and are shaping the ways that farmers do their jobs. They allow farmers to do everything from monitoring the location of herds, noting reproductive patterns, checking numbers and rounding up cattle, all from a remote location using a camera mounted on the device. It has the potential to increase efficiency and lower labour costs, because farmers do not have to go out by vehicle to monitor the animals, water stations and fence lines.

This means that there is a greater freedom to check on remote ares of expansive farms, so livestock can be overseen more thoroughly, and risk of loss or accident is reduced.

Yet Will Bignell, part owner of DroneAg, told the Australian Financial Review that there is even more potential for drone usage than is currently being harnessed.

“Data quality, data understanding and data manipulation is where a drone business comes into play, as opposed to just ‘drones in agriculture’, which usually means a farmer using an off-the-shelf drone to fly around herding sheep or looking for stuck cows, checking the back block and just general scouting,” he said.

Harnessing drones as one aspect of livestock protection

Although farmers interested in making use of UAVs should be aware of the regulations for drone operation from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, such as certification and responsive operation practices, it can be a great option for protecting livestock.

Nevertheless, precautions like this are just one side of the equation. Loss or harm to stock can be a serious threat for farmers, so it’s important for them to consult an experienced insurance broker that will be able to provide them with the best package.

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