For people with garden maintenance businesses, using lawnmowers is a regular part of the job. However, statistics show that accidents and injuries can and do happen to people operating this machinery.

This means that minimising the risk of accidents related to lawnmowers can be a common concern for those working in this industry, as injuries can have serious consequences both to personal well being and their ability to run their business.

Lawnmowing accidents happen regularly in Australia, so its important to take the right precautions.


It’s important to know how to operate a lawnmower safely.

People are regularly being injured by lawnmowers

According the the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, accidents caused by using lawn mowers are a regular occurrence in this country. Of those that sustain injury, over 80 per cent are men, and around 66 per cent are between the ages of 45 and 74. This shows that people who fall into this bracket should be particularly vigilant when operating the equipment..

In terms of how injuries are sustained, almost all of them are a result of being crushed or struck by the lawnmower, and ride-on mowers present a particular risk.

An example of the hazards of ride-on mowers can be seen in an incident that occurred in February. A man cutting the grass in preparation for a race at Mount Panorama in Bathurst lost control of his ride-on mower and was subsequently hospitalised. An incident like this could happen to anyone, so it’s important that all who who operate lawnmowers for a living take steps to lower the risk.

How can you stay safe?

Mowing service provider GreenSocks offers a number of tips for operating lawnmowers safely:

  • Ensure your lawnmower meets Australian standards, and is maintained to the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate training, protective gear such as boots and safety features.
  • Always go straight up or down a slope, never across it as this can increase the chances of tipping over.
  • Check there are no obstacles or debris in the way of where you are driving.
  • Go slowly to maintain control at all times.

Nevertheless, sometimes accidents can happen regardless of how careful you are. In this case, it’s important to have the right cover to protect you and your business from any injury, equipment damage or harm to other people’s property. For more information on getting the right business insurance for your lawn maintenance business, contact the team at MGA Insurance Brokers today.