Owning your own cleaning business allows you the freedom to set your own hours and control how you work, but it also requires you to be aware of the hazards you that could encounter. If you’re not adequately prepared, you risk potentially very costly disruption to your operations.

That’s why it’s important to not only assess the risks you may face, but implement a business insurance package in order to help combat the financial burden. So what are some of the top hazards cleaners face?

1. Injury to you or your workers

Working as a cleaner poses a number of health and safety challenges for individuals. For instance, many jobs, such as window washing, may involve working on ladders to reach high places. According to Safe Work Australia, falling from heights is one of the biggest causes of work-related injuries in Australia, with ladders making up the highest portion of all such falls.

Similarly, wet floors resulting from scrubbing and mopping can cause people to slip and fall, as can tripping objects on the ground. If working with harsh cleaning chemicals, you run the risk of poison or even burns, and injury can result from repetitive movements or working around electricity. Whether you or one of your employees are affected, you need to have the right insurance to cover resulting expenses.

2. Causing damage to property

Another hazard of operating a cleaning business is mistakenly causing damage to the property of a customer. If you use the wrong product on a surface and it ruins the finish, spill chemicals on the carpet, knock over an antique or shatter a glass panel, the accident could be harmful to the reputation of your business as well as expensive to fix.

Cleaning businesses face a number of hazards that can cause disruption


Luckily, getting cover for treatment risks and professional indemnity can help to shoulder the financial load of any damage you accidentally cause, giving you the security to do your job without being limited by excessive caution.

3. Problems with your tools

Finally, you rely on your tools to help you get jobs done, and if something happens to them it could seriously disrupt your business. They could be stolen, lost or damaged and you would be left without the means to work and a big bill to replace them. As such, cover for the tools of your trade allows you to rest assured that if there are any problems with your tools, you will be able to get new ones and continue to operate.

By carefully considering these risks and employing a package tailored for cleaning and related services, you can put your business in the best position to withstand the challenges that come your way.