For many animal-lovers, owning a pet business is a dream come true. but what happens when your furry friend misbehaves? Animals are notoriously unpredictable, and if one of the pets in your care causes an accident or injury to someone, you could be liable for large compensation costs.

That’s why public liability cover is an important part of any pet insurance package, protecting you if one of your charges puts a paw out of line and lands your business in hot water.

Public liability insurance can protect you in the event that one of your charges causes an accident.

Common animal-related accidents

When most people think of incidents involving pets, they will usually imagine dog attacks. However, this is not the only risk that animals can pose the general public. Even the most well-behaved pet can get into trouble when left to it’s own devices, and aggression is not always a contributing factor.

According to claims advice resource Injury Claims Coach, nonaggressive accidents are responsible for many accidents each year. They can include:

  • Animals running into traffic and causing a crash.
  • Tripping people up or pushing them over.
  • Knocking them off their bicycle
  • Damaging property.

If any of these events occur at your premises or somewhere you are servicing and someone is harmed, the outcome could be very expensive, not to mention damaging to the reputation of your company. However, you do not have to let this risk compromise your business if you know how to manage it.

Public liability insurance

No matter how careful you are, pets do have minds of their own and many animal-related accidents are beyond your control. Public liability insurance is your ultimate defense in such cases, defending you against the financial consequences if an incident occurs on your premises and a claim is made against you. While this cover is vital for established pet industry businesses, it’s also important for anyone providing these kinds of services, including casual pet sitters who care for pets in their own homes.

“The insurance options for pets in Australia are especially complicated for anyone who’s only looking after an animal on a temporary basis,” said Tom LeGrice, founder and CEO of pet sitting business PetHomeStay.

“Australians have incredibly low levels of pet insurance at the best of times, but this is a real problem for casual pet sitters looking to take in animals for a night or two at a time,” he said.

So if your business is in the pet care sector, taking out a business insurance package with public liability cover can help to protect you in the event of an accident. At MGA Insurance Brokers, we provide a package tailored to your industry to ensure you have insurance policies best suited to your needs.