When it comes to pet owners, they are passionate about their pet’s standard of care in a stranger’s hands. That’s why it’s best for you, as a pet industry professional, to protect yourself should the worst occur. However, in our experience, many pet industry professionals are unaware that they may be eligible for coverage following an incident and are unfamiliar with the full benefits available to those who get MGA’s pet industry insurance. Here’s what you may not know:

Who’s eligible for pet industry insurance?

Don’t think because you’re not a pet sitter that you aren’t covered by our insurance policy. We cover a number of pet industry workers at or owners of:

  • Pet shops.
  • Suppliers and retails.
  • Pet groomer businesses (both mobile and at home).
  • Pet minding and sitting companies.
  • Kennels and catteries.
  • Breeders.
  • Training and animal behaviourist businesses.
  • Pet walking companies.

As a dog groomer, you could take all the right precautions but end up injuring the dog.
Examples of negligence in the pet industry

If you’re negligent while a pet is under your physical and legal care, public liability will be the only way that you can be covered.

One common example of negligence is when a pet groomer accidentally cuts a dog’s foot while clipping its nails and gives it an injury that requires veterinary attention. However, with insurance, you could be covered for expensive veterinary bills.

Are you aware that while you’re walking a dog, you could be considered negligent, and that a policy covers you for that? A dog could slip out of your grip, run into the road and get hit by a car and killed.

Are you aware that while you’re walking a dog, you could be considered negligent?

Don’t forget about the possibility of car accidents, either. You could be reversing out of your driveway and miscalculate your turn and end up running into a letterbox, which means not only damage to the letterbox, but to your car, too. But coverage could lessen the weight of that bill.

Say you go out in the weekend and you twist your ankle, meaning you cannot work for weeks. You might be covered by personal accident insurance.

All of these examples go to show the number of different problems that can arise in the pet industry. You shouldn’t be scared off from being in the pet industry, however. Taking care of other people’s pets just requires taking the right precautions. Getting pet industry insurance is one way that you can protect yourself. Contact us today if you’d like more information about our pet industry services.